Restaurant Hostess Job Profile and Description

Restaurant hostess works in a hotel or restaurant under the supervision of the organisers and management of the restaurant. The main job function of a restaurant hostess is to make the bookings as done at the hotel or through telephone or direct booking on the restaurant website. The restaurant hostess also welcomes the customers in the restaurant, greet them well, and escort them till their designated seats in the restaurant. The restaurant hostess takes the preferences from the customers and makes the necessary arrangements for them in the restaurant.

Restaurant Hostess Duties and Responsibilities

  • The restaurant hostess gives the initial impression of the hotel or restaurant to the customers. They greet them with pleasantness and direct them to the seating location.
  • The restaurant hostess would also need to make the customers wait in case the restaurant is full at any point of time. Hence it needs good customer service skills to become a successful restaurant hostess.
  • The restaurant hostess provides the customers with the menu card of the restaurant, make them aware of the amount of time they might need to wait, and make them comfortable in the restaurant.
  • The restaurant hostess may also provide welcome drinks to the guests with the permission of the top management so that the customers feel comfortable and don’t get bored waiting for longer time.
  • The restaurant hostess should know the arrangements of the restaurant perfectly so that customers are not made to wander inside the restaurant looking for seats, washrooms, or waiting areas.
  • Sometimes restaurant hostess are made to collect the amount of the bill from the customers and making the customers fill a feedback form of the services provided in the restaurant.

Restaurant Hostess Skills and Specifications

  • To become a restaurant hostess it is necessary to have a cheerful attitude and a patient nature. They need to greet the customers when they come in and got out of the hotel.
  • The restaurant hostess does the necessary arrangements before the restaurant starts likes arranging the seats properly, putting enough supply of water or drinks at the entrance, etc. So they need to have good planning and coordination skills.

Restaurant Hostess Education and Qualifications

  • To become a restaurant hostess it is not necessary to be qualified educationally to a certain level. However candidates should at least complete their high school training and preferably should possess a few years of work experience.

Restaurant Hostess Salary

The median salary of restaurant hostess working in the United States is about $7 – $8 per hour. They can increase their earning capability by improving their work experience.