Umpire and Referee Job Profile and Description

Candidates can be employed as umpires and referees in different kind of sports like cricket, football, etc. in domestic, national, or international games. Those candidates should be qualified enough and should be well established as players in those games. It needs additional training even after having a good career in the sport to become an umpire or referee. The below information will help you in becoming a successful umpire or referee in your favourite sport.

Umpire and Referee Duties and Responsibilities

  • An umpire or referee of a sport should be neutral and should never be biased towards any player or any team. Being biased might affect his judgement skills.
  • The umpire or referee should be well behaved with all the players of the game and should be able to respect the game and bring out ethical decisions.
  • The umpire or referee is expected to be as accurate as possible in the game.
  • For maintaining the spirit of the game, there should be minimal discrepancy in the resulting decisions from the umpires and referee.
  • The umpire or referee should be an ardent follower of the game in order to be familiar with various situations and deliver correct judgements.
  • The umpire and referee should take regular trainings in the authorised training academies in order to be aware of latest technology and new rules of the game.

Umpire and Referee Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to apply for the position of an umpire and referee should be as neutral as possible while playing the game.
  • Candidates who want to set up their career as an umpire and referee should be able to deliver the right judgements under the given situations and constraints.
  • Candidates should also have good interpersonal skills and a pleasing attitude to play the game with the right spirit.

Umpire and Referee Education and Qualifications

  • There is no mandatory educational requirement to become an umpire and referee. However the candidate should be educated enough to communicate properly with his colleagues, authorities and other sporting personalities.
  • Candidates who want to apply for the position of an umpire or referee should develop a stronghold in the game and should be trained further to become an umpire or referee.

Umpire and Referee Salary

The salary of umpire and referee depends on their number of years of experience and expertise in the game. On an average, the median salary of an umpire and referee is about $120,000 per year.