Ticket taker Job Profile and Description

A ticket taker works in examination centres to authenticate the candidates who have come to appear for examinations. The ticket taker checks the validity of tickets and allows the candidate to write the examination. A ticket taker can also work in events where tickets are issued to valid entrants to the event. Without tickets, no one should be allowed to enter the event and this is ensured by the ticket taker. A ticket taker might also disallow members who can create havoc at the event or who are not in the right state to enter the event and reports such cases to appropriate authorities.

Ticket taker Duties and Responsibilities

  • A ticket taker at the examination halls validate the tickets of the students and takes the appropriate portions of the admission tickets to submit them to the examination boards.
  • A ticket taker evaluates whether only authenticated people are entering the event by also checking the attire of the people, their alcohol levels, etc and then gives the green signal for the person to enter.
  • The ticket taker might also help the candidates to be seated properly for the event like a party or an examination.
  • The ticket taker keeps a count on number of people who have entered and how many are yet to enter. This helps to keep the attendance under check.
  • The ticket taker has to work with other authorities in the event so that it is conducted in a smooth manner without overcoming any undesirable situations.

Ticket taker Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who are considering becoming a ticket taker should be able to coordinate and work with authorities for better management and operations of the event.
  • Candidates who are seriously interested to set up a career as a ticket taker should be flexible to work on weekends and night shifts or on holidays.
  • The ticket taker must have a cheerful attitude so that when they can greet the attendees well at the entrance of the event.

Ticket taker Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates who want to become a ticket taker may not possess any mandatory qualification. However a graduation or at least a high school degree might help.
  • Candidates should gain enough work experience if they want to develop credibility as a good ticket taker.

Ticket taker Salary

Candidates who are working as a ticket taker might earn according to their number of working hours. In general the starting salary of a ticket taker is around $7-8 per hour.