Team member electrical maintenance job description and profile

Every company employs a team that can undertake all sorts of electrical maintenance works such as installation of electrical appliances, connections, wiring and a host of other things. They undertake repairs and replacement of machinery and circuits. A team member electrical maintenance, as the name indicates, is a member of this maintenance team and works towards ensuring that no electrical problems crop up in the company.

Team member electrical maintenance duties and responsibilities

Team members can either be given specific jobs that they may have to perform individually or be allotted work that is to be performed as a team work.

  • Evaluating the condition of machinery and undertaking repair and maintenance operations
  • In case of machinery breakdown, examining the reason of breakdown and solving the problem
  • Repairing broken down machines quickly so that work is not hampered for long
  • Installing measures in the equipment that will prevent them from breaking down
  • Reporting the condition of the equipment to the maintenance manager so that he can take final decisions about purchasing new ones
  • Maintenance of cooling tower, chilling compressors, HVAC systems and AHUs
  • Undertaking work as per schedule
  • Reporting to maintenance managers about any lapse in security measures
  • Work well in the team and make significant contributions
  • Learning new things about electrical maintenance from team members and leaders
  • Installing electrical machinery and dismantling as per requirements

Team member electrical maintenance skills and specifications

  • Good understanding about electrical maintenance works
  • Ability to work well as a team as well as undertake individual work when required
  • Work efficiently and deliver desired results
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team spirit
  • Must have good observation and decision making skills
  • Good understanding about safety measures while working

Team member electrical maintenance education and qualification

  • High school graduation followed by diploma in electrical engineering is essential
  • Can join as an entry level worker. So, experience is not required although preferred

Team member electrical maintenance salary

  • Salary ranged between $20,000 and $50,000 for mechanics and goes up to $80,000 for electrical maintenance engineer team members