Sports Instructor Job Profile and Description

Sports instructors or sport coaches provide training to the young sportsmen on any particular game in which the sports instructor have gained credibility and have established themselves as successful sportsmen. Sports instructors make his students understand the ways to play the game and its rules so that the game is played by all the sportsmen in its right spirit.

The sports instructor not just helps his students understand the game and give them various playing tactics, but they also explain them the ethical aspects of the game which are very useful and necessary to be followed in a sporting arena.

Sports Instructor Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sports instructor coaches the young players at a specific game and teaches them its basics, rules, and skills needed to play it.
  • Sports instructors might work in the sporting academies, clubs, resorts and clubs, etc. A sports instructor aims to make players become expert at their games.
  • A sports instructor not only helps his players to remain physically fit, but also helps them to keep their mental pressures off their mind. The sports instructor listens to the personal and professional problems facing the players and gives tips to recover from them.
  • The sports instructor should know how to teach the players efficiently and help the players discover their strengths in the game. This helps to find the role of different players in a team game.
  • The sports instructor should combine classroom training with demonstrative lectures. He should be inspirational and should have good leadership skills.

Sports Instructor Skills and Specifications

  • To become a sports instructor, it is very essential to stay fit and be active apart from possessing knowledge and skills to play the game.
  • As sports instructors, they need to work with the game boards, authorities, players from several background and other sports instructors. So, they should be very good team players and must have excellent interpersonal skills.

Sports Instructor Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates who want to become a sports instructor should take up coaching in a sports academy, be a good sport themselves and then have good coaching skills.
  • There are various sport institutions that give specialised coaching training. Candidates who are interested can join such institutions, get the necessary training and become eligible for the job of a sports instructor.

Sports Instructor Salary

Candidates who work as sports instructors on an average get a compensation of $15,000 to $40,000 per year with the median being $22,000 per year.