Sound engineer job profile and description

A sound engineer operates machinery and equipment related to broadcasting, recording and amplification of sound. In the recent times, the demand for sound engineers is on a steady rise owing to an increasing number of radio stations, recording studios, theatres and concert centres. A sound engineer is the backbone of all such activities

Sound engineer duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a sound engineer are:

  • Meeting with performers, directors, musicians, producers and other people who are responsible for the production and understanding the kind of sound effects required
  • Planning sound effects as per the requirements of recording
  • Understanding the functioning of sound board and using it optimally to produce the best quality sound
  • Being on site of performance and modulating sound quality however and wherever required
  • Ensuring that all the recording and producing equipments are functioning properly
  • Setting up testing sessions with respective parties and ensuring that sound settings are as per requirements
  • Scheduling recording sessions
  • Mixing various sounds as per requirement
  • Editing recorded sounds
  • Ensuring that recorded tracks are suitable and in synchrony with visuals for a comprehensive viewing experience

Sound engineer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a sound engineer are:

  • Strong knowledge and expertise in all aspects of sound engineering and technology
  • Excellent sense of detail and precision
  • Excellent creativity
  • Drive for perfection
  • A sound sense of sound and how sounds sound when used in combination
  • Ability to understand the exact requirements of clients
  • Ability to concentrate and pay attention to different aspects of sound

Sound engineer education and qualification

The education and qualification of a sound engineer are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sound engineering is preferred, although a high school diploma with vocational sound technology training can help in obtaining the job

Sound engineer salary

The latest median salary of a sound engineer is $90,000 per annum with the range being between $30,000 and $102,000 per annum.