Short-Order Cook Job Profile and Description

A short-order cook is a professional who works in the food industry and caters to its clients by providing catering services at short notice. Short-order cooks may also work in hotels and restaurants which provides service to its customers during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Generally the volume of preparation will be very high and the preparation time will be very short. Hence the short-order cooks are expected to work at short intervals and deliver maximum at the least amount of time.

Short-Order Cook Duties and Responsibilities

  • A short-order cook should know how to prepare different kinds of dishes according to the tastes of its clients. So they need to have a good knowledge about the food industry and the demographic preferences.
  • The short-order cooks should necessarily know how to prepare meals and fast food items in the least possible time. They need to learn various ways to make the food quickly.
  • The short-order cooks are expected to have multi-tasking skills and good management skills. They should cater to their clients in the sequence of order received and should prepare good dishes in the minimum possible time.
  • The short-order cook should coordinate with various other organisers in the hotel or restaurant. They should direct the waiters to take the dishes, etc and ask the dish cleaners to clean the dishes properly and quickly. They should also ask the hotel management to make the necessary supplies available as and when necessary at the right quantity.

Short-Order Cook Skills and Specifications

  • To become a good short-order cook, it is necessary to be adaptable, quick and multi-tasking.
  • Excellent customer service skills work in favour of candidates and make them the best candidates for the post of a short-order cook.

Short-Order Cook Education and Qualifications

  • There is no definite education requirement to become a short-order cook. Candidates who want to become a short-order cook should possess good years of work experience if they want to increase their demand and earning capacity.
  • The short-order cook should be flexible to work at any point of time during the day and should be fast enough to cater to their clients in the least possible time.

Short-Order Cook Salary

Generally short-order cooks are paid according to the number of hours they work. The normal wage rate in the United States of a short-order cook is in the range of $8-9 per hour. Generally the first time short-order cooks are given associate roles and they learn the skills by working under the supervision of a senior short-order cook.