Recreational Worker Job Profile and Description

Recreational workers generally work in the recreational centres and help people enjoy the recreational facilities in their free time. Recreational facilities can be provided by communities, clubs, etc and there can be various indoor and outdoor activities organized at the recreational centre like music, arts, drama, games, etc. Recreational centres are generally places of social gatherings that can happen frequently or can be planned once in a while. Hence the recreational workers may or may not work full time at the recreational centre.

Recreational Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recreational workers normally encourage physical sporting activities and help people to enjoy the facilities provided at the recreational centre.
  • Recreational workers may work for nursing homes, schools, clubs, day care centres, etc wherever recreational facilities are made a part of the daily routine.
  • Having recreational workers makes it easy for the people to take help from him and use the facilities. Hence the recreational workers facilitate the activities in the recreational centres.
  • The recreational workers are a means of providing greater customer satisfaction and a source of earning more revenue for the centre.
  • The recreational worker is supposed to work with various other people involved in the management and operations of the recreational centre so that the facilities provided can be made better. Hence the recreational worker should have good planning and execution skills.
  • Recreational workers can act as sporting coaches for various sports at the recreational centre.

Recreational Worker Skills and Specifications

  • To become a recreational worker, the candidate should be physically fit and should like sporting activities.
  • A recreational worker, besides knowing to play various sports, should know certain lifesaving activities as he needs to take care of contingencies and should make such lifesaving equipment also available at the recreational centre. Some of the contingencies may include accident, fire breakout, drowning in the pool, etc.

Recreational Worker Education and Qualifications

  • There is no educational requirement that is mandated by employers to hire recreational workers.
  • If a candidate aspires to become a recreational worker, then he should be aware of various games and how they are played so that he can teach the same to people who come to enjoy the recreational facilities.

Recreational Worker Salary

The job of a recreational worker varies depending upon the responsibilities and the designation assigned. The median salary of a recreational worker in the United States is approximately $19,000 per annum.