Plant Nursery Worker Job Profile and Description

Now people know the importance of trees and now the human population knows it better than ever before that they could not stay in this planet without the presence of trees. That is why now people are trying to as many trees as possible. They are also using ornamental and flower tress to beautify home and their office space as well. People are buying sapling of various kinds of plants from plant nursery and the job of a plant nursery worker is to take care of the saplings of the nursery in which he or she is posted.

Plant Nursery Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • There are various duties of a plant nursery worker. He or she has to take all round care of the sapling present in the nursery.
  • He or she has to sow the seed, water the sowings and saplings; along with that he or she has to deal with the fertilizers, insecticides and hormones also.

Plant Nursery Worker Skills and Specifications

  • A plant nursery worker should have the knowledge how to take care of a tree or sapling.
  • He or she should possess knowledge about various fertilizers, hormones and insecticides used in nursery to keep the saplings healthy and robust.
  • He or she should have great physical ability to work hard as this job demands ample amount of physical work.

Plant Nursery Worker Education and Qualification

  • As far as plant nursery worker job is concerned, education and qualification of a person does not matter more.
  • If a person is qualified and willing to do this job, then he or she will get the preference.

Plant Nursery Worker Job Salary

  • The salary of this job varies from $1000 to $2000 on a monthly basis.