Marine Biologist Job Profile and Description

Marine biology is the study of the life in oceans and ether salty environments such as wetlands. Thus, a marine biologist maintains and balances this environment by taking some measures regarding the change in the climate or ph of the water due to various factors. The marine biologist job is rare to acquire as it has specific qualifications and the Peron need to know everything from the zooplanktons present until the whale that is the biggest mammal present.

Marine Biologist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Marine biologist is responsible for making the estimate of the population of different living organisms in the oceans to maintain the ecosystem.
  • The marine biologist has the duty to classify the plants and animals and other organisms present in the marine water in order to arrange for their survival.
  • Needs to make a marine environmental impact assessment for the better surveys and techniques to implement on the ecosystem

Marine Biologist Skills and Specifications

  • Person should have a good background knowledge about the marine ecology
  • Person should possess sampling and analytical skills
  • Person must have some interest in the birds and in marine invertebrates too
  • Person should know the handling of the equipments required for different techniques.
  • Person should be able to examine the sediments, animals and plant relationships within the marsh areas.

Marine Biologist Education and Qualification

  • The candidate must be a bachelor in research field or marine biology
  • The candidate should be PhD for independent biological researches

Marine Biologist Job Salary

  • The marine biologist takes salary depending on the post and the potentials of it they have. According to the above point, the range of the marine biologist’s salary is from $46,000 and up to the $52,000.