Kitchen manager job description and profile

The job of a kitchen manager is to ensure that all activities in the kitchen take place without problems. The various aspects that a kitchen manager monitors are cooking procedures, safety measures, kitchen inventory, kitchen budget, hiring and firing staff, evaluating performance, ensuring sanitation and hygiene in kitchen and maintaining food standards, to name some of the duties.

Kitchen manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a kitchen manager are:

  • Ensuring quality of kitchen equipment and inventory
  • Meeting with suppliers of necessary kitchen items and choosing the best one
  • Ensuring that high hygiene and sanitation is followed in the kitchen
  • Ensuring that food is nutritious and healthy
  • Meeting with chefs to decide menu and discuss everyday operations in the kitchen
  • Participate in hiring of new staff and training programs
  • Monitor accounts of kitchen expenses
  • Formulating strategies to improve performance of staff and quality of food prepared in the kitchen
  • Preparing performance reports of the kitchen and present to manager of the place of work
  • May have to deal directly with customers in case of complaints and problems
  • Ensure that safety measures are implemented in the kitchen
  • Ensure that all members of the kitchen staff are aware of the safety measures and standards of food preparation

If the restaurant offers catering services or accepts orders for events, then a kitchen manager has to ensure that food reaches the venue on time and is in accordance with the orders.

Kitchen manager skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of kitchen manager are:

  • Good knowledge about kitchen operations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent management ability
  • Must be organized and systematic in work
  • Good leadership abilities
  • Excellent customer service ethics
  • Good time management and planning skills

Kitchen manager education and qualification

The education and qualification of a kitchen manager are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in hotel management and hospitality
  • Work experience of at least five years in the hotel industry in necessary

Kitchen manager salary

Salary of a kitchen manager ranges between $23,000 and $53,000 per annum.