Irrigation Technician Job Profile and Description

Irrigation is must necessary for growing any kind of crop. As human requires food to live, similarly plants requires water to grow and bear fruit. Without adequate water supply to a field, nothing can be grown. Now, every people are taking the irrigation seriously and doing anything that could be done to provide water supply to crop fields, governments are showing great interest in this field also. Irrigation is more a technical job than a manual job. The job an irrigation technician is to look after the techniques those are used in today’s modern irrigation.

Irrigation Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime duty of an irrigation technician is to use all the technologies available to the fullest and try to irrigate more and more land using them.
  • At the same time it is also his or her responsibility to bring newer technologies into effect and irrigate more land using those newer technologies.

Irrigation Technician Skills and Specifications

  • An irrigation technician should possess ample knowledge in irrigation technologies.
  • He or she should be very opening minded and fast adoptive; so that, he or she could easily embrace new technologies and make most of those.

Irrigation Technician Education and Qualification

  • Any science graduate can go for the irrigation technician job.
  • However a civil engineering graduate has a better chance to get the job of an irrigation technician.

Irrigation Technician Job Salary

  • The salary of a person in irrigation technician job depends upon his or her abilities, past experience and the nature and size of the organization in which he or she is get placed. The more is the experience the better is the pay package.
  • Generally, the salary of irrigation comes in a range of $2000-$4000.