Irrigation Manager Job Profile and Description

No person can stay alive without taking food and food can be produced through farming. Farming can only happen, if there is an adequate water supply that means irrigation. No crop can be produced in an ill-irrigated land. So, now the governments of almost every country are focusing on the irrigation. There is a department call irrigation department under every state government and the aim of this department is to supply water to the crop fields. The job of an irrigation manager is to take care of the irrigation work.

Irrigation Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime responsibility of an irrigation manager is to take care of the irrigation work of the area, in which he or she is posted.
  • He or she has to ensure that the crop fields are getting adequate water supply at the time of the need; and at the same time he or she also has to make sterile land fertile by providing water supply.

Irrigation Manager Skills and Specification

  • An irrigation manager should possess skills in irrigating land. He or she should possess the ability to get the most out of the resources he or she has.
  • He or she should possess leadership qualities, as he or she has to lead a bunch of people deployed under him or her.

Irrigation Manager Education and Qualification

  • Any person having a bachelor’s degree in any discipline can go for the irrigation manager post.
  • However, if a person has an engineering degree in civil, then he or she is the most suitable person for the irrigation manager job.

Irrigation Manager Job Salary

  • Salary of a person as an irrigation manager depends upon his or her qualification and skills; however, it comes in a range of $2000-$5000.