Food and beverages supervisor job description and profile

The job of a food and beverages supervise if to ensure that dining facilities in the place of work operate perfectly. They place orders for groceries, supervise cooking procedures, ensure good customer service and quality of food being provided. This job has a lot of scope in various places where food and beverage facilities are required, ranging from restaurants to canteens in educational institutions.

Food and beverages supervisor duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a food and beverage supervisor are:

  • Ensuring that the inventory is well stocked at all times
  • Ensuring quality of food being served
  • Playing an active role in recruiting new staff
  • Allocating training programs for new staff
  • Supervising cooking procedures and ensuring sanitation and hygiene
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Has to deal with customers directly in times of complaints regarding food and beverage facilities
  • Keeping records of the expenses incurred in functioning of the department
  • Management of finances is a very important duty
  • Acting as a problem solver in times of accidents or necessity
  • Dealing with intra-department issues and solving problems of the staff

Food and beverages supervisor skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for the job of a food and beverages supervisor are:

  • Excellent management and supervisory skills
  • Sound knowledge about maintenance of accounts and bookkeeping
  • Excellent communication skills and customer service ethics
  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities
  • Ability to work as a team as well as exhibit good leadership activities
  • Have a pleasant and approachable personality

Food and beverages supervisor education and qualification

Education and qualification required for the job of a food and beverages supervisor are:

  • College degree in hospitality management or hotel management
  • Certification by National Restaurants Association, which is called Food Service Management Professional Certificate is useful although not mandatory

Food and beverages supervisor salary

Salary of a food and beverages supervisor ranges between $20,000 and $60,000, with median being $44,000 per annum.