Dispensing optician Job Profile and Description

The professionals who work in the field of optical and dispense the right optical instrument to the patients depending on their medical requirement and personal specification are called as dispensing opticians. The dispensing opticians take the measurements from their patients and register their preferences of spectacles or lenses and provide them with the same. The dispensing opticians also work with opticians or ophthalmologists and according to the prescription issued to the patient, the dispensing optician make the optical instrument available to the patient.

Dispensing optician Duties and Responsibilities

  • The job of a dispensing optician is to decode the medical requirements pertaining to the eye of the patient as issued by the optician and design the optical instrument with the exact specification.
  • The dispensing optician also guides the eye patients on the kind of spectacles and frames that should be taken for the patient’s benefit. The personal specifications like colour of the frames, size of the frames, etc. should be catered to according to the patient’s requirement.
  • The dispensing optician also provides tips to the new patients on how to put the spectacles on and maintain them in proper condition.
  • A dispensing optician can install and run their own optical shop or they may work in hospitals or specifically optical medical centres.
  • The equipment and machinery pertaining to the eye treatment should also be taken care of by the dispensing optician.

Dispensing optician Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to become a dispensing optician should be good at the technical aspects of the eye and should be customer friendly.
  • Candidates who are interested to apply for the position of a dispensing optician should have a good eye for detail and must have excellent knowledge in the field of ophthalmology.

Dispensing optician Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates who are interested to become dispensing opticians should have the necessary license and registration to start working as a qualified optician and open an independent store.
  • Students can enrol into any medical schools that teach ophthalmology. They should pass the examinations conducted as part of their academics and maintain good grades throughout.
  • There are specialised two year degree programs which are followed by an internship or training opportunity with a recognised eye hospital.

Dispensing optician Salary

The compensation of a dispensing optician could be anything between $20,000 and $80,000 per year depending on the level of education and work experience. By working independently, their earning capacity can increase. They can also associate themselves with other top brands in optical and increase their earning capacity.