Cosmetic Surgeon Job Profile and Description

Being one of the highest earning medical professionals, the field of cosmetic surgery is one of the most sought after course and the competition to get into this sector is very high. People are undergoing these cosmetic surgery for better appearances and hence the demand for good cosmetic surgeons in increasing day-by-day. Cosmetic surgery is a surgery done on any exterior part of a person’s body. It needs great skill and superior knowledge to become a cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgeon Duties and Responsibilities

  • A cosmetic surgeon is involved in enhancing the physical appearance of a person. This may be due to the client’s request or may arise due to medical requirement.
  • In order to provide surgery to any part of the outside body, the cosmetic surgeon needs to be highly qualified and skilled. Education plays a very useful role in training the cosmetic surgeon with all the right requirements.
  • The job of a cosmetic surgeon is a responsible one and one has to be sure to take up this field.

Cosmetic Surgeon Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to become cosmetic surgeons should take up various subjects in medical science and mathematics. Candidates can opt for general medical subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, etc. prior to taking up medicine in graduation.
  • It is generally required that candidates specialise in cosmetic surgery and obtain the license and certification to start working as a cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgeon Education and Qualifications

  • To start off a career as a cosmetic surgeon, interested candidates should first complete their four year Bachelor’s degree in medicine. They have a variety of subjects to learn in medicine to get a firm grounding on the same.
  • Then they need to move on and take a specialised course in cosmetic surgery which generally lasts for about three years.
  • Since the competition is extremely high, it is important that the candidates should maintain top grades in their academics.
  • Through good grades in academics and co-curricular activities, the candidate can make themselves better suited to get admission from any of the top universities to do their specialisation.

Cosmetic Surgeon Salary

Cosmetic surgeons are one of the highest paid medical professionals. The annual salary of a cosmetic surgeon ranges between $300,000 and $700,000 per year. Depending on the skill and knowledge of the surgeon, salaries can vary. Cosmetic surgeons can have their own practice or they can be associated with any hospitals or medical centres.