Coffee maker Job Profile and Description

A coffee maker works in a coffee shop or a hotel and helps in the preparation of coffee. Most of the small time coffee shops are usually flooded in the morning and in the evening for enjoying a cup of coffee. Good coffee makers are always in demand because the quality of coffee leads to more business for the shop or hotel. Due to the modern age coffee shops that are a hub of meeting friends or spending leisure time, the demand for coffee makers have increased and employers have begun to introduce shifting work hours for the coffee makers.

Coffee maker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Candidates who want to become coffee makers should know how to prepare good quality coffee, different variants of coffee in both the hot and cold coffee category.
  • The coffee maker should know how to make coffee and mix chocolate, ice or various other sprinklers on it to make it tasty and attract more and more public into the coffee shop.
  • Since the demand for coffee is usually very high, candidates who want to become coffee makers should be able to make good quality coffee in the shortest time possible.
  • The coffee maker should be adaptable to the kitchen appliances provided in the coffee shop to make different variants of coffee.
  • The coffee maker should be able to estimate demand and accordingly make that amount of coffee that bests suits customer demand. At the same time, there should be minimum waste involved in coffee preparation.
  • Coffee makers in small coffee shops may also have to serve the customers and provide maximum customer delight.

Coffee maker Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates who want to become coffee makers should be patient enough to take various specifications of the ingredients of coffee as requested by customers and make them according to their requirements.
  • Candidates should be able to work under tight deadlines and should be able to make good quality coffee.

Coffee maker Education and Qualifications

  • There is no definite requirement of pursuing a specified education path to become a coffee maker.
  • However completing at least the high school education will make the candidate better suited for the job of a coffee maker as education helps in communicating with employers and customers effectively.
  • It will be better if the candidates are trained enough in making different variants of coffee.

Coffee maker Salary

Coffee makers can earn varying salaries depending on their expertise, years of work experience in this industry, and hours of work dedicated for work each day. The minimum wage paid to coffee makers in the United States is about $6-8 per hour.