Clinical Nurse Educator Job Description And Profile

Clinical nurse educators are registered nurses with extensive working experience before they commence teaching in educational institutions. These individuals provide teaching in nursing in various institutions, which include colleges, hospitals, universities, and other medical facilities. The job of clinical nurse educators is important to impart training to younger people who want to take up a career in nursing. The job description includes designing and implementing curricula to educate future aspiring nurses. Clinical nurse educators provide educational training to enhance the careers of student nurses and registered nurses. Strong clinical working experience with a liking to teach is an important part of this job.

Clinical Nurse Educator Duties And Responsibilities

  • Designing, implementing, and assessing the educational requirements to train future nurses
  • Providing continued education to practicing nurses to update their skills
  • Managing and creating exercises for the professional development of practicing nurses
  • Providing advice and instructions to students enrolled in a nursing course
  • Documenting and analyzing the effectiveness of the educational programs
  • Helping and assisting practicing or student nurses to identify their strengths while motivating them to overcome their shortcomings

Clinical Nurse Educator Education, Training, And Qualifications

The first step to becoming a clinical nurse educator is to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This is then followed by procuring the registered nurse license from the relevant authority. Extensive clinical experience in a hospital or other medical facility provides additional training to individuals to hone their skills covered within their educational programs. After acquiring the license, individuals are required to enroll in a graduate program in clinical nurse education.

Clinical Nurse Educator Degrees, Courses, And Certification

A bachelor’s degree from a college or university is the basic degree required to take up a career in this field. Passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses is necessary to procure a valid license. Post-baccalaureate programs with a master’s degree in nursing introduce individuals to various teaching methodologies and designing curricula for training other nurses. Colleges and universities require individuals to possess a doctorate to be promoted as a clinical nurse educator.

Clinical Nurse Educator Skills And Specifications

  • Strong academic background and clinical expertise
  • Excellent communication capabilities
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Being creative, flexible, and understanding
  • Developing and designing educational curricula that are appropriate to the specific setup
  • Comprehensive understanding on nursing activities, guidelines, and standard nursing protocols

Clinical Nurse Educator Salary

The clinical nurse educator earns an annual income of approximately $60000.