Chemistry Professor Teacher Job Profile and Description

Chemistry professors educate pupils about chemical processes, properties, and compositions at post-secondary institutions which may include junior level or higher level, that is, in colleges. Most chemistry professors have a particular area of specialty which can include organic, chemical analysis of materials, inorganic and macro or micro chemistry. Chemistry Professors prepare class notes, lectures to be delivered in the class and maintain a proper record of the students and tests undertaken by the students.

Chemistry Professor Teacher Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervising, monitoring and taking care of the students when they use various tools and equipments in the laboratories or otherwise
  • Evaluate work of the students and provide them with necessary feedback
  • Present lectures, notes and other essentials through the use of various techniques to help students understand better
  • Recognize and take necessary actions in favor or against the students for improving their overall personality

Chemistry Professor Teacher Job Skills and Specifications

  • The person must have the dependability factor so that authorities can depend on him for taking full care of safety of children in the laboratories
  • He must teach the students about making necessary clarifications before mixing chemicals in the lab
  • Should have leadership skills so that he/she is able to lead the class or group
  • Should have the natural ability to give attention to details
  • Should be self controlled and must have a pleasant personality so that students don’t shy away of be afraid of him/her

Chemistry Professor Teacher Job Education and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree is usually required in this field
  • Ph.D. in the required discipline is preferred
  • Experience counts a lot but is not mandatory

Chemistry Professor Teacher Job Salary

  • Chemistry Professor Teachers get good salaries
  • Salary generally increases with the experience of the person
  • Chemistry Professor Teachers  gets paid in the range of 4,400$ to 16,000$ per month