Wholesale Manufacturer Career Description

Wholesale Manufacturer Career Description A wholesale manufacturer produces products on a mass scale. These wholesale firms are set up mostly near the location of their raw material suppliers. The wholesale... Read More

Wholesale Marketing Manager Career Description

Wholesale Marketing Manager Career Description A wholesale marketing manager works to increase the sales of a wholesale firm. He or she formulates different marketing strategies and conducts varied marketing activities... Read More

Wholesale Manager Career Description

Wholesale Manager Career Description A wholesale manager manages the range the activities in a wholesale firm. It can vary from hiring wholesale workers, building relationships with suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers,... Read More

Warehouse Operation Manager Career Description

Warehouse Operation Manager Career Description A warehouse operation manager conducts various operations in the warehouse. He is responsible for hiring workers who can handle the inventory properly and who know... Read More

Warehouse Coordinator Career Description

Warehouse Coordinator Career Description A warehouse coordinator takes care of the entire inventory inside the warehouse along with supervising the procurement and despatch processes. A warehouse coordinator works under the... Read More

Warehouse Manager Career Description

Warehouse Manager Career Description A warehouse manager is assigned the responsibility of managing the storing, packaging, procurement and shipping of the materials in a warehouse. Candidates who want to become... Read More

Travel Consultant Career Description

Travel Consultant Career Description Travel Consultants are the middlemen between travel agencies and passengers who want to opt for a travel package. They buy travel packages in bulk from the... Read More

Travel Agency Manager Career Description

Travel Agency Manager Career Description A travel agency manager supervises all travel activities ranging from booking, arranging vehicles, facilitating the passengers for pick and drop, and hiring drivers and guides... Read More

Travel Coordinator Career Description

Travel Coordinator Career Description A travel coordinator is assigned the responsibility of arranging the travel schedules of the passengers according to their requirements and according to the availability of vehicles.... Read More

Transportation Supervisor Career Description

Transportation supervisor Career Description A transportation supervisor looks after the progress of a construction project and makes useful modifications with consultation from transportation engineers and transportation managers. They supervise if... Read More

Transportation Engineer Career Description

Transportation Engineer Career Description A transportation engineer is a professional who designs blueprints for new projects, makes an estimation about the area, facilities, traffic reduction, etc while undertaking a construction... Read More

Transportation Manager Career Description

Transportation manager Career Description A transportation manager is responsible for taking care of the activities related to transportation like shipping, procurement, routing, vehicle tracking, etc. The transportation manager is assigned... Read More

HR Trainee Career Description

HR Trainee Career Description An HR trainee is one of the entry roles in the human resources department of an organization. Candidates who want to become HR trainees should complete... Read More