Cardiovascular technologist Job Profile and Description

A cardiovascular technologist is a medical professional who works in laboratories and deals with sound waves of high frequency to generate diagnostic pictures. The cardiovascular technologists are trained highly in the functions of heart and the behaviour of the body. They are able to trace any disorderly behaviour of the body and in particular, the heart. They can arrest heart related problems if the patient undergoes timely treatment and can avert them too. The cardiovascular technologists are adept at dealing with heart strokes, pain in the chest, troubling in breathing, etc.

Cardiovascular technologist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cardiovascular technologists play an important role of getting the patients ready for treatment by explaining the procedures to them and conducting any background tests necessary to check the stability of the patient’s body. He analyses the test results and shares with the cardiac surgeon.
  • The cardiovascular technologist not only provides a supporting role to the cardiac surgeon but also recommends the surgeon on the best treatment possible for the patient.
  • The medical professional also aids the cardiac surgeon or physician to conduct diagnosis on the patient and conducts the right form of medical treatment on the patient.
  • The cardiovascular technologist is always alongside the patient checking the heart beat and monitors the heart rate per minute. This is helpful while conducting surgeries on the patient.
  • The cardiovascular technologist also may be involved in administrative functions in the medical centre like arranging meetings of the doctors with clients and other medical professionals, checking whether all machinery is working as expected, etc.

Cardiovascular technologist Skills and Specifications

  • Cardiovascular technologists should have very good communication skills with the patients in order to inform them of the procedure they are undergoing or to answer questions that the patients might have.
  • To become a cardiovascular technologist, licensing and state certifications are required. Voluntary certifications are also provided by some institutes which students can take up.
  • For those who are certified, the cardiovascular technologist job description also includes scans using sophisticated heart related equipment.

Cardiovascular technologist Education and Qualifications

  • Cardiovascular technologists must complete their formal training program, such as a two year associate degree program.
  • Training may be opted for diverging subjects in cardiology like invasive and non-invasive technology.

Cardiovascular technologist Salary

Candidates who want to become cardiovascular technologists earn anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 per annum depending on the amount of work experience. The median salary is about $65,000 per annum. They may find opportunities to work as cardiovascular technologists in hospitals, cardiac centres, medical homes, etc.