Body Therapist Job Profile and Description

The medical professionals that specialise in healing and relaxing the bodies of patients or clients through therapies like massages are called as body therapists. The body therapists are known to be good at pressure techniques to relieve pain, massaging the body, acupuncture techniques, applying medicinal herbs and natural medications, etc. These natural treatment techniques are helpful to ease the pain from those which causes acute pain in different parts of the body due to overused muscles. Body therapists may work in medical centres or they can run their own spa centres.

Body Therapist Duties and Responsibilities

  • The profession of body therapy is suitable for those candidates who like working with natural methods of healing. Natural methods of healing used in body therapy are used for relieving the pain and stress from the mind and body.
  • Since body therapists apply massaging techniques directly on the body of the client, they should not be wary or reluctant to perform their job.
  • Body therapists should know that the patient might experience severe and chronic pain due to the injury and hence should know how much pressure is to be applied during massage of the body in the region of injury.
  • Because of the pain experienced by the patient, the body therapist should make the patient relaxed during the treatment and should be sensible enough to understand their pain.
  • A body therapist should know where and when to apply pressure and massage. If the patient continues to keep uncomfortable with the treatment procedure, the body therapist should stop applying the procedure on the patient.

Body Therapist Skills and Specifications

  • The body therapists work closely with their patients and hence they are expected to have a pleasant personality and display a good attitude.
  • The candidate who is applying for the position of a body therapist should be competent and skilful apart from being mentally and physically fit themselves.

Body Therapist Education and Qualifications

  • Various massage therapy schools are present in the United States that conduct various training programs in this field. Candidates should particularly learn subjects like anatomy, massage techniques, etc. apart from the legal and ethical issues that arise in natural healing techniques.
  • License can be obtained by the candidates if they appear for the national or state level body therapist examination.

Body Therapist Salary

Body therapists are mostly paid on an hourly basis of service provided. The average rate per hour of a Body therapist is approximately $15 – $16. Body therapists can also earn by working from home. Location of a service is one of the most important factors that affect the salaries of Body therapists.