Basketball Coach Job Profile and Description

Basketball Coach Jobs vary according to different levels. A basketball coach must be familiar with the rulebook and he should be able to make the students understand the basics of the game. The Basketball Coach should develop a sense of pride in the team so that they give their best input to the game. The coach needs to train each player individually according to the requirements of the team.

Basketball Coach Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Discovering and recruiting players who have the ability to make a prosperous team
  • Needs to develop a game plan keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of his/her team
  • Needs to employ managers to manage the team
  • Training and filling the team with full enthusiasm
  • Choosing and balancing the team and taking the responsibility of creating a winning team
  • Preparing a budget plan for the money that requires to be spent on buying equipments and keeping the facilities up to date

Basketball Coach Job Skills and Specifications

  • Must possess leadership skills
  • Must be fully passionate about the sport
  • Must fill the players with enthusiasm and hope
  • Must be able to identify proper roles of the team members for assigning proper roles to the members in the team

Basketball Coach Job Education and Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s Degree is usually the minimum requirement for this job
  • Masters degree is preferred but not compulsory
  • Has to take necessary trainings according to the specifications given by the state

Basketball Coach Job Salary

  • For a Basketball Coach the salary lies in the middle range
  • Experience gives a lot of boost to the salary in this job
  • Basketball Coach has a salary in between 5,400$ to 10,500$ per month