Automobile Fleet Maintenance Manager Job Description

By | August 17, 2011

Automobile fleet maintenance manager job description and profile

Automobile manufacturers, rental companies, vehicle showrooms and used cars shops house a large number of cars. An automobile fleet maintenance manager is the person who ensures that the entire fleet is in top condition by regularly scheduling servicing and maintenance works. He supervises the work of technicians, mechanics and detailers to ensure that the car is being maintained in good shape.

Automobile fleet maintenance manager duties and responsibilities

  • Planning and scheduling maintenance and repair of automobile fleet
  • Examining vehicles for requirement of repairs and servicing
  • Allotting work to technicians and mechanics in repair works
  • Ensuring that the repair and maintenance works are being done as per quality standards
  • Make contract with automobile part suppliers
  • Hiring or firing workers, technicians and detailers
  • Prepare fleet maintenance budgets and estimates
  • Take up training of workers and technicians in the company in order to upgrade their skills and knowledge
  • Taking care of automobile lease agreements or rental contracts
  • Evaluate and examine completed works
  • Ensure that workers are certified
  • Ensure that the materials used in repair are as per quality standards
  • Install all necessary safety measures with regard to automobiles and maintenance works

Automobile fleet maintenance manager skills and specifications

  • Excellent knowledge about automobile maintenance and repair procedures
  • Good management and organization skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent observation and analytical abilities
  • Ability to motivate workers to work harder
  • A sound knowledge about safety measures in the vehicle and during maintenance works
  • Good computer skills

Automobile fleet maintenance manager education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in mechanical engineering is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in management with work experience in automobile sector is accepted

Automobile fleet maintenance manager salary

  • Fleet managers can make between $50,000 and $80,000 per year