Assistant branch manager job profile and description

Assistant branch managers are required in all businesses. Their main duty is to assist the manager of the branch in administrative purposes. However, they have their own set of duties and responsibility that may range from training new employees to managing customer support services.

Assistant branch manager duties and responsibilities

The basic duty of an assistant branch manager is to ensure that the operations in the business are running smoothly. He has to check that all the documents and information that are supposed to reach the manager are verified and free from errors. Some of the duties and responsibilities of an assistant branch manager are:

  • Assisting the manager of the branch in the daily operations of the business
  • Assuming managerial duties when the manager is not available
  • Reporting the details about everyday functions of the business to the manager
  • Reporting employee concerns and queries to the manager
  • Studying and evaluating the operations of the company and make recommendations to the manager in order to improve the business
  • Assists the manager in formulating plans and strategies regarding the working of the business
  • Participating in strategy planning and goal setting of the company
  • Participates in hiring and training employees

Assistant branch manager skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of an assistant branch manager are:

  • Ability to evaluate the performance of the company
  • Sound knowledge about the functioning of the company
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good leadership and decision making skills

Assistant branch manager education and qualification

The education and qualifications of an assistant branch manager are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the respective field of work
  • Experience of working in junior levels is usually necessary before being designated as an assistant manager