Aroma Therapist Job Profile and Description

As the demand for alternative forms of medicine, particularly natural healing processes are increasing; the demand for good aroma therapists is seeing a new high every year. Aroma therapists are those specialists who use different aroma-filled oils to enhance the mental well-being of the patients. The aroma therapists use aroma therapy to cure the physical and mental illness and release stress through massage and other related treatments.

Aroma Therapist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Aroma therapists can work independently in a spa or they can also work in medical clinics, health clubs, etc. They could also be associated with the field of education to increase their knowledge on natural ways on healing pain and stress.
  • Since aroma therapists works with various aromatic oils, they are expected to know different types of oils and their natural uses of healing.
  • Aroma therapists understand their client requirements and use the right method of treatment through talks and discussions.
  • The medical history of the patient is an important point of consideration for the aroma therapists. This helps them decide which aromatic oils can work in favour of the treatment and which oils should be avoided.
  • Aroma therapists make the best mix of various fragrances of oils and make the best kind of aromatic solutions for their patients.
  • These medical specialists should also be a progress check on their client’s health on a regular basis.
  • Aroma therapy is closely related to other forms of treatment like acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. which also play the role of useful healing treatments.

Aroma Therapist Skills and Specifications

  • Aroma therapists should be well aware of how to mix various types of oils and apply them on the client’s body so that the right healing can be provided.
  • Prospective candidates for the position of an Aroma therapist must be aware of equipment like vaporiser, evaporator, diffuser, etc. which are necessarily used in aroma therapy to apply aromatic solutions on the patient’s body.
  • Aroma therapists should keep abreast of the latest equipment and technology that are in use in this field of interest.

Aroma Therapist Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates who want to become aroma therapists should possess the certification which shows that they possess the necessary knowledge in this field.
  • Candidates can also gain work experience by working part-time or full-time in this profession under a certified aroma therapist.
  • Aromatherapy is taught in many educational institutions. Some other related programs that candidates can pick up are cosmetology or other medicinal programs.

Aroma Therapist Salary

The salary of Aroma therapists may vary depending upon the education and experience. Aroma therapists can expect to earn salaries in the range of $15,000 to $45,000 per annum. Apart from the salary, there are varying benefits for the position of an Aroma therapist. Full medical and paid vacation is given to the educators of Aromatherapy.