Agronomist worker Job Profile and Description

Agronomist workers are scientist who work with plants and soils and use their knowledge and expertise to strengthen crop production and improve on soil management. It involves helping people improve their approach and attitude towards soil and plants and thus help and contribute to a good output in crop production. The job is based in the agriculture industry but having specific defined roles. Agronomist workers check soil quality against crops that are to be planned in the given farm.

Agronomist Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check soil quality compared to crops to be planted.
  • Advice on crop planting and crop rotation.
  • Collect soil samples in the field for laboratory checks.
  • Introduce new technology and products that could improve crop production.
  • Determine causes affecting poor yields in soil.
  • Advice on land use and land management.
  • Landscaping and park developments.
  • Assist farmers modify their farming methods based on the research carried out.
  • Conducting research on the land and also consulting with farmers.
  • Prepare scientific and agricultural documentations and records.
  • Supervise employees in the agronomy department.

Agronomist Worker Skills and Specifications

    • Knowledge of agricultural technology and how to implement it in the field.
    • Methods of agronomy and research.
    • Possess research skills in the field of agronomy.
    • Methods of cultivation in the field, gardening and planting of various crops.
    • Possess knowledge of climatic changes and the weather conditions in the area they are to work in.

Agronomist Worker Education and Requirements

    • Bachelor degree in agronomy or any other degree related to agriculture.
    • Strong background of knowledge in mathematics, basic sciences and natural’s sciences.
    • Be familiar with genetics, plant physiology, entomology and biochemistry, soil fertility and crop management.
    • Certification in crop management, soil science or biochemistry is also important in this job.

Agronomist Worker Salary

    • Agronomist worker salary is between $ 55,000 – $ 90,000 annually.
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