Admitting Interviewer Job Profile and Description

An admitting interviewer is a panellist during the recruitment process who is involved in making students know of the interview process, informs them of the shortlists, further locations and time of interview, etc. through e-mail. The admitting interviewer could also conduct interview rounds through telephone or by other communication medium. The admitting interviewer may sort out the application forms and facilitate the interview process with other interviewers in the panel.

Admitting Interviewer Duties and Responsibilities

  • The admitting interviewer is involved in asking the relevant questions and background details to the interviewee.
  • The admitting interviewer may also be a part of the background verification team to authenticate date provided by the applicants as per their application form.
  • The admitting interviewer could documents the results and record the answers provided by the applicant for future reference.
  • Coordinating with various supervisors and making them a part of the expert interview panel is also the job of an admitting interviewer.
  • The admitting interviewer may train the new joinees into the organization just after being inducted so that they are directed to the right teams and managers.
  • The admitting interviewer may work to upgrade the hiring processes so that better candidates can be selected in the firm in the future.

Admitting Interviewer Skills and Specifications

  • The skills that are needed to become successful admitting interviewers are good aptitude of obtaining information from various sources, knowledge of computers, etc.
  • Candidates should have excellent communication skills as they need to frequently work and discuss about the likely candidates for conducted further rounds of interview.
  • The candidates who want to apply for the position of an admitting interviewer should be able to document all information of applicants and sort them in the right order.
  • The candidates should also necessarily possess good planning and analysing ability.

Admitting Interviewer Education and Qualifications

  • Candidates who are interested to become an admitting interviewer can take up high school diploma and subsequently complete their graduation and post-graduation in their field of interest.
  • Candidates should not only be able to process applications through interviews, but they also need to provide administrative support to the hiring team.

Admitting Interviewer Salary

Admitting interviewers can earn in the range of $22,000 to $60,000 per annum if they possess the right knowledge and work experience. Admitting interviewers can be hired for full time activity or they could be a part of the working staff for the regular work purpose that on a one-off duty perform recruitment of suitable candidates. The average salary of an admitting interviewer is about $30,000 per year.